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Ties That Blind

The long-awaited 4th Matt Jacob novel. Available now in trade paperback and ebook!.

Former social worker-turned-private investigator Matt Jacob has had his share of vices and woes. But he has always managed to stay one foot ahead of the criminals he hunts, while keeping one foot out of the grave. Now Matt is struggling to kick his addictions, put his demons under wraps and settle down with a woman who makes him happy. Then, a phone call changes everything.

Lou, the father of Matt’s dead wife, is on the line, irascible and distraught. His new girlfriend’s son has attempted suicide and Lou, for some unknown reason, refuses to get paramedics or the police involved. When Matt uncovers the truth behind this boy’s despair, everything he has worked so hard for could end in an instant: his sobriety, his relationships with loved ones, even his own life.

In Ties That Blind, Zachary Klein brings back some of the most original and riveting characters in crime fiction and puts them in a story that grips from the first page to the last.

Zachary Klein, one of the most acclaimed writers in crime fiction, brings back his classic P.I. in a novel that shows why, "Klein's private eye and his prickly prose are original." (Boston Globe)

Praise for Zachary Klein's Matt Jacob series:

"Matt Jacob, a private eye from Boston, makes his debut in a novel that offers rich characterizations…if he can resist the impulse to turn Matt Jacob too straight too soon, the author can keep his singular detective on good cases for a long time.”

--The New York Times

"I'd call it one of the best and certainly the most off-center detective novels I've read…Klein's is a terrific idea—have Jacob work on two very different mysteries at once, the deep human disorders disturbing him and the case he's called upon to solve…Klein's private eye and his prickly prose are original. Savor Still Among the Living and pray this is not the last we will read of Matt Jacob." --Boston Globe

"Matt Jacob is a terrific character with a lot of life in him beyond this book." --Globe and Mail


"Klein returns with another compelling tale featuring private detective Matt Jacob." --Publishers Weekly

"Like Phillip Marlowe, Matt seems to take every case as an invitation to look deeper inside himself." --Kirkus Reviews