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“Smith’s empathy for her characters makes for a supremely relatable take on mental illness. REMEMBER is an emotional rollercoaster of a debut, culminating with a twist that will leave you reeling. ” ―Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of THE BETTER SISTER

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“Smith’s empathy for her characters makes for a supremely relatable take on mental illness. REMEMBER is an emotional rollercoaster of a debut, culminating with a twist that will leave you reeling. ” ―Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of THE BETTER SISTER

Ain’t Nobody Nobody

“Funny, heartfelt, and suspenseful, AIN’T NOBODY NOBODY is terrific from the first page to the last. Grab it.” ―Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author of the UNSUB series


"Feverishly entertaining. Resoundingly important. A book treading this kind of ground should not be able to move this fast. THREE-FIFTHS is an honest, fearless page-burner." ―David Joy, author of THE LINE THAT HELD US

Miami Midnight

"A fantastic noir with a complex and very human hero in Pete Fernandez. My takeaway: more books should be set in Miami and more novels should be written by Alex Segura." ―Lisa Lutz, author of The Passenger and The Swallows

End of the Ocean

"END OF THE OCEAN is many things ― a suspense novel, a love story, a tale of betrayal ― but it is always a heart-pounding ride that leaves room for unforgettable moments of grace." ―Hilary Davidson, Anthony Award-winning author of ONE SMALL SACRIFICE

Once More Unto the Breach

A riveting historical tale of war, family, loss, and hope, where a father must search for his estranged son throughout war-torn France. “Stirring and skillfully-told and plotted.” ―Mark Sullivan, #1 bestselling author of Beneath a Scarlet Sky

The Caretaker’s Wife

"An entertaining novel of domestic suspense from Thriller Award winner Zandri... keeps the reader guessing all the way to the neat ending. James M. Cain fans will find plenty to like." ―Publishers Weekly

The 45th

A man with no experience finds himself competing for the Presidency: will he lead the country into a new era of fortune and prosperity? Or would he lead them into total and complete chaos?

Finding Katarina M.

When Natalie March, a respected D.C. surgeon discovers remnants of her family long-thought lost in the Russian gulags of World War II, she must risk everything to find them and discover a secret that threatens everyone she cares about.


“Steph Post is a great new discovery. Her stories carry a dark pulse that keeps the perfect beat in a world where people put everything they’ve got on the line.” ―Michael Connelly


A collection of "16 winning food-themed tales” (Publishers Weekly) all revolving around culinary crimes, from the acclaimed author of the Ash McKenna series.

A Spell of Murder

The first in a fun, frothy, and fantastical new series about three mischievous, mystical felines, their plucky human owner, and a murder they’ll have to solve together.

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Renowned author Silvia Moreno-Garcia's first thriller, UNTAMED SHORE, is a coming-of-age story set in Mexico which quickly turns dark when a young woman meets three enigmatic tourists. Baja California, 1979. Viridiana spends her days watching the dead sharks piled beside the seashore, as the fishermen pull their nets. There is nothing else to do, nothing else to watch, under the harsh sun. She’s bored. Terribly bored. Yet her head is filled with dreams of Hollywood films, of romance, of a future beyond the drab town where her only option is to marry and have children. Three wealthy American tourists arrive for the summer, and Viridiana is magnetized. She immediately becomes entwined in the glamorous foreigners’ lives. They offer excitement, and perhaps an escape from the promise of a humdrum future. When one of them dies, Viridiana lies to protect her friends. Soon enough, someone’s asking questions, and Viridiana has some of her own about the identity of her new acquaintances. Sharks may be dangerous, but there are worse predators nearby, ready to devour a naïve young woman who is quickly being tangled in a web of deceit. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is one of the most exciting voices in fiction, and with her first crime novel, UNTAMED SHORE, she crafts a blazing novel of suspense with an eerie seaside setting and a literary edge that proves her a master of the genre.

Holding Smoke

The final novel in Steph Post's Judah Cannon trilogy, putting Judah Cannon and Ramey Barrow on a collision course with the megalomaniacal Sister Tulah. It all comes down to this.

An Incantation of Cats

The new book in Clea Simon's delightfully and wickedly mischievous Witch Cats of Cambridge mystery series!

The Ninja Daughter

Kill Bill meets The Joy Luck Club in a blazingly unique debut novel about a woman who must fight the Ukrainian mob, sex traffickers, and her own family to save two desperate women and an innocent child.

Won't Back Down

Jack Keller’s never been one to back down, and once again, he’ll be forced to pick up the gun to defend the people he loves. This time, however, he won’t be alone, and Jack will find out that the debts of his past may never be paid in full.

Famous in Cedarville

From Erica Wright, one of the most original writers in crime fiction comes her first standalone novel, a diabolical mystery wrapped in Hollywood tinsel.

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