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Walking Through Needles

"A spellbinding novel at the nexus of power, desire and abuse that portends a bright future." ―Sarah Weinman, The New York Times

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The Shadow People

A riveting psychological thriller in the vein of THE WHISPER MAN, about a young man investigating the murder of his schizophrenic childhood friend, who must then question his own mind as he uncovers a sinister network of doppelgangers.

Walking Through Needles

"A spellbinding novel at the nexus of power, desire and abuse that portends a bright future." ―Sarah Weinman, The New York Times

Sirens of Memory

When Mariam flees Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion, she believes she has left her abusive husband and fraught life behind. But when ghosts of her past reappear 25 years later, Mariam must confront her demons and find a way to start a new life--whatever it takes.

Last Seen

The new novel from acclaimed, award-winning author Kent Harrington in which SFPD detective Michael O'Higgins must investigate the disappearance of a girl from San Francisco's Pier 39. "No one writes about the heart of darkness like Kent Harrington" -Michael Connelly

While Nobody is Watching

Corporal Lindsey Ryan is haunted by her time in the Irish army, but when she believes she is being watched and hunted, she must face her demons, both real and imagined, in a riveting, haunting crime novel from an author who has lived the life of a soldier.

At the End of the World, Turn Left

"It's rare to find a debut mystery crafted with such elegance and authenticity." ―NPR


A modern-day homage to the fairy tale, as well a love letter to the underworld of Chicago. "Pelayo masterfully ratchets up the tension and the scares. Robert McCammon fans will be pleased."―Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

A Cat on the Case

The new book in the enchanting Witch Cats of Cambridge mystery series by Clea Simon!


“TRICKY blew me away. Josh Stallings has written a gritty, vibrant, riotously entertaining crime novel filled with unforgettable and deeply human characters.” ―Lou Berney, Edgar Award-winning author of NOVEMBER ROAD

A Will to Kill

“Reminiscent of Agatha Christie mysteries, this first in the Harith Athreya series is a sure hit for readers who love a taste of foreign intrigue and a solid whodunit.” --Library Journal

Poetic Justice

"Readers will cheer the plucky Victoria every step of the way to the shocking ending. Hopefully, she’ll be back soon for another adventure." ―Publishers Weekly

The Man in Milan

"The perfect thriller for right now ... action, suspense, intrigue - and a journey to a fabulous foreign location." ―Lee Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series

Upcoming Releases


The first in a new macabre cozy series in a small English village, featuring a baker with social anxiety and a mild case of Tourette's whose neighbor turns up dead, leading to her investigating the murder while forcing her to overcome her aversion to other people


A riveting, epic debut novel that heralds an unforgettable new voice, REPENTANCE is the story of a man on a quest to solve a case that offers both a painful reminder of all he has lost and a last chance at redemption.

Hold Me Down

A dark, gritty standalone novel of suspense from acclaimed author Clea Simon about one woman forced to reckon with her past...even if it kills her,

All These Ashes

The second novel in the celebrated Russell Avery series, in which the former reporter must team up with a down-and-out cop to investigate a crime that has stained Newark for decades.

The Ninja Betrayed

The new novel in the acclaimed, multi-award nominated Lily Wong series! "Lily Wong is my kind of kick ass heroine. Love this series. Fast-paced and adrenaline-packed!"―Lisa Gardner, #1 Bestselling Author of BEFORE SHE DISAPPEARED

The Killing Look

A thrilling historical drama about a former Civil War soldier who finds himself caught up in deadly conspiracy in Gilded Age San Francisco.


A riveting novel of suspense from the acclaimed author of HUNTING GROUND and ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH, perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner and J.T. Ellison.

After You Died

From internationally bestselling author Dea Poirier comes a supernatural thriller in which a bisexual teen has no memory of why he woke up covered in his girlfriend's blood is sentenced to five years at a sinister reform school, which, like his memory, hides violent secrets of its own.

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