Polis Books

About Polis Books

Polis Books is an independent book publisher founded in 2013 aiming to deliver all the service and professionalism of a major trade publishing house with the innovation and speed necessary to thrive in a rapidly-changing book market.

Using our knowledge of ever-changing technology, distribution, marketing, design, editorial and social media, as well as a deep respect for the communities that love and appreciate commercial fiction and non-fiction, Polis Books aims to introduce readers to brand new voices, as well as reinvigorate the careers of talented authors who deserve a wider readership, whether it is in print, digital, or both. We will be publishing a mixture of new and previously published books from contemporary writers across all platforms, retailers and e-retailers. We publish books in both print (hardcover and paperback, depending on the acquisition) and digital, evaluating each potential acquisition to determine its appropriate publication format. We publish print originals, reissues, and digital originals and reissues. We distribute out books through Publishers Group West/Ingram, the largest book sales and distribution company in the country, to get our titles the widest possible distribution for both print and digital.

Frequently Asked Questions About Polis Books

Do you offer advances?

Yes. Polis Books offers an upfront advance against royalties. We are a recently-launched independent press, which means our advances are somewhat modest, but nearly all of our authors earn out, and earn out quickly. We are offering advances to our authors to prove that we are investing in them in multiple ways,  in time, energy, resources and finances. We look at every author we work with as a long term investment in their future as well as ours, and want our authors to feel they are treated as partners both creatively and in business.

What services does Polis offer?

Because we act as a full service publisher, Polis Books handles everything from editing and copyediting, cover design to formatting, printing, marketing, distribution and publicity. We work with every author hand-in-hand to make sure they are completely satisfied with not only the content of their book, but how it is presented. We offer our writers the hands-on guidance of an independent press with the knowledge and experience of people who have worked in this industry for years.

What royalty rates does Polis Books offer?

Every Polis Books author is different, and there is no 'One Size Fits All' agreement. If we publish as a print original, we negotiate royalties on a book-by-book basis, often offering performance-based escalations or bonuses. For digital originals or reissues, we generally offer royalties at or higher than the industry standard. We will negotiate with your literary agent--or in some cases yourself--to make sure you stand to make money on both the front and back end.

What type of distribution does Polis Books have?

Second-to-none. Polis Books is distributed by Publishers Group West, the leading book sales and distribution company in the U.S., working with over 40 retail and ebook vendors including, but not limited to, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Sony, Kobo, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Follett, Overdrive and many, many more. Your books and ebooks will be available at retailers both large and small, including libraries, ensuring your work will be available to every reader, regardless of reading habit, device or platform. Booksellers and libraries: to order from Polis, please contact your PGW sales representative. Or email us at info@polisbooks.com with your information and we'll make sure someone is in touch with you.

What type of marketing does Polis Books offer?

Polis Books markets every book and author individually, tailoring campaigns based on your book and genre, both short and longterm. We look to publish authors whom we can promote 24/7/365, and are constantly on the hunt for more opportunities to showcase our amazing writers. We look at your genre, the communities who read your work, and put together marketing campaigns, both in print, digital and via social media. We also have the ability to promote your books through many highly-sought-after print and e-retailer promotions, and are aggressive in placing our books into those important programs.

Do you accept unsolicited submissions?

Yes, however due to the overwhelming volume of unsolicited submissions we receive, we can only respond to queries we have interest in. We apologize that we cannot respond to every writer who submits to us, but time is one thing we cannot get more of and we need to devote as much of it as possible to our writers under contract. If you write for us, you wouldn't want it any other way.

This is perhaps the most exciting time ever for readers, who have the ability to buy books from their favorite writers and discover new talent literally at their fingertips, whether they prefer to curl up with a print copy at home or a digital copy on the go. At Polis Books, we aim to publish authors that readers will enjoy for years to come, available anytime, anywhere.

In the meantime, please follow our social media feeds where we will be posting news and glimpses into what's in store on Twitter and Facebook.

Polis Books was founded in 2013 by Jason Pinter. With over a decade of trade experience in the publishing industry, Mr. Pinter has worked in editorial, marketing and publicity for publishers both large and small, at Warner Books, Random House, St. Martin's Press, Grove/Atlantic and The Mysterious Press, and has worked with numerous bestselling and award-winning writers. He is also the bestselling author of six novels: five in his acclaimed Henry Parker thriller series, which have been nominated for the Thriller Award, Strand Critics Award, Shamus Award, CrimeSpree Award and RT Reviewers Choice Award, and Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! for Middle Grade readers. Having been on the editorial, marketing and author side of the industry, he knows exactly what publishers expect from their authors, and what authors should expect from their publisher. Follow Jason on Twitter or you can email him for business matters directly related to Polis Books at jpinter (at) polisbooks (dot) com.