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(An) assured thriller...Rhoades does a good job illuminating the racial and ethnic tensions of the period. With any luck, this is the start of a series." ―Publishers Weekly

Rhoades displays a sensitive touch with the historical material here, building strong characters from the people of color in his cast without downplaying the very real racial hatred of the era. Plenty of action, too, in what appears to be a series launch starring Cade and Clayborne. ―Booklist

"I inhaled this book! It's a wild ride through a fascinating place and time." ―Alexandra Sokoloff, bestselling author of The Huntress series

"J.D. Rhoades' gift for storytelling shines in The Killing Look. Rich historical detail meshes seamlessly with pulsing action, all told in an unforgettable, irresistible voice. This is a cracking page-turner you won't want to put down. ―Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Heart of Florence

Civil War veteran L.D. Cade arrives in 1870s San Francisco, seeking his fortune and a place to end his restless wandering. A job as bodyguard to a flashy real estate speculator seems like just the opportunity he’s been looking for. But beneath the glitter and glamour of Gilded Age San Francisco lie festering greed, corruption, and intolerance. It’s a dangerous place for an honest man, even one who’s as good with a gun as Cade. As he makes his way between the decadent chaos of the notorious Barbary Coast, the luxurious mansions of Russian Hill, and the secretive societies of Chinatown, Cade will face vicious and sadistic enemies, find allies in unexpected places, and encounter a pair of enigmatic women who will change his life forever.