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The Fairfax Incident

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"A total knockout. A slam-bang mystery and a story that just won't quit. You will not put it down.”
―Timothy Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty and Junior Bender novels

“Readers will be glued to the pages.” ―Suspense Magazine

"McCauley has merged a classic detective story with a full-on actioner, and it works beautifully." ―Booklist

"An intriguing standalone from McCauley...readers will hope to see more of the likeable, capable Charlie." ―Publishers Weekly

Manhattan, 1933. Charlie Doherty may have been kicked off the force after The Grand Central Massacre, but thanks to a wealthy benefactor, his private detective business is booming. Catering to the city’s wealthy elite, Doherty is making a good living chasing down wayward spouses and runaway socialites when the case of a lifetime lands in his lap. Mrs. Fairfax, a wealthy widow, hires Doherty to prove her husband’s suicide wasn’t actually a suicide. It was murder.

At his benefactor's urging, Doherty takes the case. He expects to pocket a nice chunk of change to prove what everyone already knows: Walter Fairfax walked into his office in the Empire State Building one morning, took a phone call, and shot himself. But Charlie took the widow's money, so he begins to dig.

He quickly finds out there is more to the Fairfax incident than a simple suicide. Before long, he discovers that Mr. Fairfax was leading a double life; running with a dangerous crowd that has a sinister agenda that threatens to plunge Charlie’s city – and his country – into another war.

In an investigation that quickly involves global implications, Doherty finds himself against not only some of the most powerful people in New York City, but against the most evil men in the world.