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Still Among The Living

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In Zachary Klein's New York Times Notable debut, Boston P.I. Matt Jacob has a rude and startling wake up visit from his shrink. Matt has a cloudy past—a freak accident that wiped out most of his family and a P.I. license buried somewhere in his Depression-era, Art Deco-style apartment. He does his best to maintain his self-imposed alienation by watching too much TV and doing too many drugs. But he’s forced to get off the couch when his therapist asks him to investigate a suspicious break-in at her office building. At the same time, his best friend, Simon, a hotshot lawyer, persuades him to follow his wife and find the cause of her hellish nightmares. But what begins as two simple favors soon turns into a fight for his life when the unrelated cases combine to snare Matt into a web of adultery, betrayal, and murder.

"Matt Jacob, a private eye from Boston makes his debut in a novel that offers rich characterizations…if he resists the impulse to turn Matt Jacob too straight too soon, the author can keep his singular detective on good cases for a long time."
--The New York Times (A Notable Book Selection)

""I'd call it one of the best and certainly the most off-center detective novels I've read…Klein's is a terrific idea—have Jacob work on two very different mysteries at once, the deep human disorders disturbing him and the case he's called upon to solve…Klein's private eye and his prickly prose are original. Savor "Still Among the Living" and pray this is not the last we will read of Matt Jacob." --Boston Globe

"Matt Jacob is a terrific character with a lot of life in him beyond this book." --Globe and Mail