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“Puja Guha's gripping SIRENS OF MEMORY balances brutality against humanity, fear against loyalty, risk against love, all on the stage of present-day Austin, Texas when the terrors of 1991's first Gulf War reignite for one family into a pulse-pounding race for the safety they'd fought so hard to win once already. Guha writes with authority and grace, intrepidly tackling life's harshest realities and warmest hopes in this tour-de-force thriller.”
―Jamie Mason, author of THE HIDDEN THINGS

“A gripping psychological thriller about the real horror that can come from the people you let in while also hitting the sweet spot between page turner and searing authenticity.”
―Mike McCrary, author of RELENTLESS and HARD HEARTS

Mariam is pregnant and fleeing an abusive marriage as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait begins. Leaving her husband for dead, she crosses the border and is evacuated with the help of Raj, using the identity of his dead wife so that she can be issued Indian papers. Twenty-five years later, Mariam is still living under the identity of Raj’s Indian wife in the US. In an attempt to put her past to rest, she attends an event commemorating the anniversary of the invasion at the Kuwaiti embassy, where she is spotted by a miraculously still alive Tareq, who had believed her to have been killed in the invasion. Angry and obsessed, he begins planning his revenge. The confrontation that follows allows Mariam to make peace with her old identity and her past as a victim once and for all.