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No Saving Grace

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He's seen his share of life's darker side as a social worker -- and more than his share of its underside as a private eye in the
less-than-blueblood districts of Boston. He watches too much late-night TV, smokes too many cigarettes, and thinks too much for his own good. Sometimes high, often down, but never out, Matt Jacob is a survivor.

Maybe that's what draws him to his latest assignment -- penetrating the fiercely private world of an embattled Hasidic Jewish sect. In the midst of a holy celebration, a powerful and beloved rabbi is gunned down by the ringleader of a white supremacist hate group -- who in turn is shot dead by another rabbi. To help attorney and friend Simon Roth defend the
volatile Rabbi Yonah Saperstein, Matt agrees to ferret out the
first-hand facts in the double slaying.

Amid the Hasidim, Matt finds a people with a rage to survive. Among the White Avengers, he finds only rage. Though the battle lines are clearly drawn, Matt's moral compass detects a blurring of the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, justice and vigilantism, as he follows them into the hearts and minds of the warring groups' charismatic leaders.

Praise for No Saving Grace:

"When Matt finally gets revved up on the case instead of coke, the situation demonstrates enough complexity, depth and surprise to command his--and the reader's--full attention."
--Publishers Weekly

"This is an intricately plotted, well-written mystery with a dollop of humor and a worldview that will delight those who see international conspiracies under every rock." --Booklist