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Lights Out

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Ryan Rossetti and Jake Thomas were the two Major League-bound rivals on their high school baseball team, heading straight into history as the first two of Canarsie's favorite sons to make it out and make it big. Until Ryan hurt his pitching arm and landed a $10 dollar an hour life asa house painter. Lucky Jake made it all the way, and he and his $10 million signing bonus are heading back for a publicity-motivated homecoming weekend that has all of Brooklyn waiting to explode in celebration.

But he's got a nasty surprise in store: Ryan is involved in an intense, addictive relationship with Jake's fiancée Christina, who now faces a choice between love in a Brooklyn tenement or a heartless marriage on Easy Street. None of the three have any idea
what's about to play out in the streets they once all called home.

Lights Out is vintage Jason Starr, a razor sharp crime novel that brilliantly combines biting social satire, explosive suspense, and honest, revealing human drama.

"(A) strangely fascinating riff off classic noir...plot jumps into overdrive and heads mercilessly for Starr's always bleak finish line." -Publishers Weekly

"A wickedly entertaining ride down a dead-end street." -Booklist

"Jason Starr is the real deal in a world where a lot of people are
faking it, a fearless, pitiless writer. The result is a compelling,
fierce body of work by a prodigious talent." -Laura Lippman