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Down the Darkest Street

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Pete Fernandez should be dead. His life — professional and personal — is in ruins. His best friend is dead. His newspaper career is past tense. His ex is staying with him as her own marriage crumbles. On top of that, the former journalist finds himself in the eye of a dangerous storm; investigating a missing girl with an unexpected partner and inching closer and closer to a vicious, calculating killer cutting a swath of blood across Miami — while at the same time battling his own personal demons that refuse to be silenced.

Down the Darkest Street, the hard-boiled sequel to Alex Segura’s acclaimed debut, Silent City, tells a tale of redemption, survival and the sordid backstreets of Miami — while asking the question that many are too scared to answer: When faced with pure darkness, would you fold or fight?


"So many writers have tried to reinvent the PI novel in recent years that it's refreshing to be reminded it was never broken. DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is classic PI fiction in the best sense, with a vibrant setting and a character who's so much more than the sum of his flaws. Larger-than-life has its charms, but Alex Segura shows us how riveting a human-scale story can be. "
—Laura Lippman, New York Times bestselling author of WILDE LAKE

"Segura (has) an edgy storytelling style, snappy dialogue, and a cast of salty characters. A really fine crime story." —Booklist

"With a damaged-yet-resilient hero, the meanest of streets and the twistiest of crimes, DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is tense and taut. A seriesnot to be missed.”
—Megan Abbott, bestselling author of THE FEVER

"(Segura) has created the next great hard-boiled protagonist in Pete Fernandez...DOWN THE DARKEST STREET marks the emergence not just of the next great crime fiction series, but of a writer on the rise."

"This compelling sequel to SILENT CITY is a brooding, melancholy tale with a somber ending, Pete’s sadness echoes the darkest corners of Miami’s roughest streets."
Library Journal

"DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is strongest when it focuses on Pete trying to rebuild his life, and sometimes failing...Segura makes us care about Pete, whose struggles with alcohol are realistic...Pete and his journey through Miami are appealing."

"(Pete Fernandez's) flaws are refreshing after the growing popularity of coming book-type heroes who, whatever happens, emerge from their brawls with nary a scratch. In contrast, the flawed Fernandez comes across as very, very human."
Mystery Scene

"At once a harrowing crime novel and a deeply human tale of struggle andredemption, DOWN THE DARKEST STREET latest will keep you guessing—and gasping—until you’ve turned the final page." —Chris Holm, bestselling author of THE KILLING KIND

"Segura’s DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is pitch perfect in the key of hard-boiled. A sublime blend of flawed protagonist, hot house setting, and gritty narrative."
—Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times Bestselling author of WHERE IT HURTS and ROBERT B. PARKER'S BLIND SPOT