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Collector of Secrets

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“A web of history, treason, and danger brings the tension to a boil in Richard Goodfellow’s COLLECTOR OF SECRETS. This one is definitely worth the price of admission. A worthy debut by a new voice in the thriller genre.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of THE PATRIOT THREAT

"Stellar...Relentlessly paced, meticulously plotted, and richly described, this is a page-turner of the highest order."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A fast-moving and well-researched debut thriller filled with intrigue, conspiracies, and Japanese culture. Max and Tomoko are a likable duo facing plausible, scary situations that will keep readers turning the pages. The plot is filled with action, the details are rich and colorful. An enjoyable first novel that never bogs down as it races to a satisfying finish." —Kirkus Reviews

"(A) wonderfully detailed chase thriller...The narrative travels at bullet train speeds, but Goodfellow never lets go of its authentic settings or its depth of character."
—Carole Barrowman, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Intelligent, engrossing, and as fast as a Bullet train, Collector of Secrets is a winner. Richard Goodfellow has given us a hero to cheer for, exotic locales, and a riveting story I devoured over a single weekend. What more can you ask...except when is the next book coming?"
—Christopher Reich, New York Times bestselling author of RULES OF DECEPTION and INVASION OF PRIVACY

"Goodfellow’s action-packed thriller is full of international
intrigue...fans of fast-paced conspiracy capers will happily hold on for the ride." —Booklist

"Goodfellow does an excellent job of giving the reader a triptych view of Japan...Whether the beginning of a series or otherwise, COLLECTOR OF SECRETS marks Goodfellow as an author to watch in the future." —Bookreporter

"Max Travers stumbles upon one of Japan's most explosive secrets, and to survive he'll have to shed the skin of the innocent abroad and become a hero. In COLLECTOR OF SECRETS, Richard Goodfellow makes full use of his years living and teaching in Japan in this twisty debut thriller packed with adrenaline and fear.”
—Sean Chercover, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of THE DEVIL'S GAME and THE TRINITY GAME

"COLLECTOR OF SECRETS is what you'd get if Alfred Hitchcock directed an  Indiana Jones movie. A naïve young American teaching English in Japan gets his hands on a mysterious diary that holds secrets that can topple world governments and the key to a massive treasure. Now he's on the run from Japanese gangsters, the police and a C.I.A. assassin. What fun!"
—Philip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE and SLEIGHT OF HAND

“With a deft eye on the ‘outsider’ experience in Japan, Richard Goodfellow weaves together a suspenseful and entertaining tale.” —Barry Lancet, award-winning author of JAPANTOWN and TOKYO KILL

American twenty-something Max Travers is an English teacher in Japan. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a mysterious and powerful boss, and lives in a city teeming with rich culture and history. But Max wants out. He came to Japan to find a new calling, but has found finds that this new life isn't everything he hoped it would be. His manipulative boss, Yoko, is trying to swindle the unsuspecting parents of his students and is using his golden-boy American face to do it. Desperate to seize his locked up passport, he sneaks into Yoko's office in the middle of the night only to surprise the Japanese mafia's burglary in progress.

Escaping with his life, Max is on the run from tattooed Yakuza, the Japanese police, and a mysterious American named Lloyd Elgin who seems to have ties in high places. All are after the leather book Max grabbed instead of his passport— a diary Max himself can't read, a diary that Yoko's father has been safeguarding for more than half a century. With his girlfriend's life at risk, Max must decipher the secrets of the diary and put an end to the chase before his newest, gravest troubles catch up to him and stop his running for good.

Collector of Secrets marries the historical intrigue, deep research, and wide commercial appeal of the best of Dan Brown or Michael Gruber to the techno-savvy, judo-kicking, stranger-in-a-strange-land atmosphere of Barry Eisler's internationally bestselling John Rain series. An electrifying thriller from an author who merges the rich culture and history of the far east with a contemporary thriller that will leave readers gasping for breath.


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