Polis Books

Fall 2016 - Actively Acquiring


We're actively looking for great books for the Fall 2016 Polis Books list, both for frontlist print/digital simultaneous publication and digital reissue. Please feel free to share this list with agents and authors. Note: we're absolutely inundated with unsolicited submissions, so while I am keeping our slush submissions open, we truthfully only have time to respond to material we're interested in. That said, here are some projects/concepts I'd love to see. In the crime genre I'm focusing a little more on thrillers rather than noir/mysteries, simply because we have so much great stuff in the latter. For agents or authors I know or who have pitched me previously, my email is jpinter (at) polisbooks (dot) com.

--A crime series with an African American protagonist. I love crime fiction but I want to diversify our list in terms of authors and characters.
--Epic fantasy, but with a twist. Think Joe Abercrombie.
--A thriller series featuring a female protagonist, with a female author.
--Smart, commercial literary fiction. Think Jami Attenberg, Celeste Ng.
--A mystery or series that makes smart use of social media.
--Young Adult or Middle Grade fantasy and thriller series.
--Commercial women's fiction (I hate this term, but I'd love to publish more in the Jennifer Weiner/Emily Giffin realm)
--High concept contemporary romance.
--Authors with a strong backlist across all genres where we can reissue and re-market older titles to help launch a new book.

--Jason Pinter, Publisher, Polis Books