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Tori Eldridge

Tori Eldridge is an author who challenges perception and empowers the spirit. Her debut short story was featured in Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2014 and has inspired her novel THE NINJA DAUGHTER: A Lily Wong Ninja Mystery. Her culturally rich, mainstream horror screenplay THE GIFT earned a semi-finalist place for the prestigious Academy Award Nicholl Fellowship.

Tori is a Hawaiian-Chinese-Norwegian modern-day ninja who was born and raised in Hawaii. She holds a fifth-degree black belt in To Shin Do Ninjutsu and has traveled the USA teaching seminars on the ninja arts, weapons, and women’s self-protection. Find her online at www.torieldridge.com and on Twitter at @ToriEldridge.

The Ninja Daughter

Kill Bill meets The Joy Luck Club in a blazingly unique debut novel about a woman who must fight the Ukrainian mob, sex traffickers, and her own family to save two desperate women and an innocent child.