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Richard Brewer

A California native Richard J. Brewer has been a lover of words and
reading from the moment he figured out that if you put words together they would form a sentence and enough sentences would, at some point, tell a story. After that, he was hooked for life. Over the years he worked as a bookseller and bookstore manager for B. Dalton Bookseller, Waldenbooks, the wonderful Mysterious Bookshop and its later incarnation The Mystery Bookstore. In addition to selling peoples stories, he has become a storyteller in his own right, as both an actor and a writer. As an actor he’s been seen in numerous plays and on such TV shows as HOUSE, M.D., 24 and DAYBREAK, as well as narrating several audiobooks.

In the Hollywood arena he has worked as a creative executive/story
editor/script analyst for Interscope Communications, The Hallmark Hall of Fame, Signboard Hills Productions, NBC TV and Silver Pictures helping to develop and evaluate a wide variety of scripts for both television and feature films. He is the co-creator, co-editor and story contributor to the critically acclaimed Bruce Springsteen inspired anthology, MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER (Bloomsbury USA) and his latest short story, LAST TO DIE, will be published in another Springsteen inspired anthology, TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND (Gutter Books), in 2014, and was noted as one of the Distinguished Mystery Stories of the year in The Best American Mystery Stories 2015.

Culprits: The Heist Was Just the Beginning

A crew of thieves. A heist worth millions. A plan that goes off without a hitch. At least until the robbery is over...then all bets are off.