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Leah Rhyne

Leah Rhyne is a Jersey girl who's lived in the South so long she's lost her accent...but never her attitude. After spending most of her childhood watching movies like Star Wars, Alien(s), and A Nightmare On Elm Street, and reading books like Stephen King's The Shining or It, Leah now spends her days writing tales of horror and science fiction.

Her Undead America zombie trilogy was released via MuseItUp Publishing and her short fiction has appeared in such publications as Abyss & Apex Magazine and Revolt Daily. She writes for LitReactor.com, and for herself at www.leahrhyne.com. Leah lives with her husband, daughter, and a small menagerie of pets. In her barely-there spare time, she loves running and yoga.

Her first novel for Young Adults, HEARTLESS, will be published by Polis Books in Summer 2016. Follow her on Twitter at @leah_beth.


In this modern-day take on the classic Frankenstein tale, as told from the monster's perspective, Jolene Hall is dead – sort of. A riveting young adult horror novel for fans of Jonathan Maberry and Madeleine Roux.