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Howard Kaminsky

Howard Kaminsky was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended Brooklyn College, San Francisco State University and the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of seven books and served as the president and publisher of Warner Books, Random House, and William Morrow/Avon. The author of several screenplays, including 1972′s "Homebodies," he was
a producer of the 2011 film "My Dog Tulip." He served on the Board of Directors of American Publishers and the National Book Foundation and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Also, Howard is producing with Rick Burns a documentary called "The Two Popes" about Generoso Pope & his son, Generoso (Gene) Pope Jr., the creator of The National Enquirer.

Five of his novels, co-written with his wife Susan, will be reissued by Polis Books: The Glow, Talent, Seventh Child, The Twelve and The Storyteller.

He is currently working on a new novel titled, Perfection.

Mr. Kaminsky lives in New York City and Connecticut.

The Twelve

"Their premise is strong: Village of the Damned cast by David Koresh." -Publishers Weekly

The Seventh Child

The town of Ripton Falls, where the Richardson family comes to settle, is idyllic. Until the accidents begin...

The Storyteller

An irresistible blend of gripping suspense and black humor, THE STORYTELLER is a colorful, inside look at the vanities, glamour, and power plays of the exotic world of publishing and fame . . . with a twist.


"A solid entry in the high-glitz genre, with the Kaminskys' most attractive heroine and strongest storytelling so far." -Kirkus Reviews

The Glow

A chilling tale of horror in which today's passion for physical fitness takes a terrifying contemporary twist.