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The Jack Keller Box Set

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The first three novels in the acclaimed Jack Keller series by J.D.
Rhodes, nominated for numerous awards and guaranteed to cost you several nights' sleep...

Jack Keller is a man tormented by the nightmares he's had ever since a disastrous tour in Desert Storm. Destroyed by his experience, Keller now makes his living tracking bailjumpers for H&H, a North Carolina bail bonds company run by a reclusive, beautiful, and horribly scarred woman named Angela. In truth,
Keller doesn't work bail enforcement to live, he lives to work: the
only thing that breaks through the numbness is the thrill of the hunt, the sound of gunfire, the high that comes with each successful takedown.

J.D. Rhoades has redefined the rules of the Southern thriller, and now for the first time ever you can read the first three riveting Keller novels in one box set. Just remember what one man said about Keller: “You bring death, and Hell follows with you.”