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Safe And Sound

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"Crisp dialogue and the author's deft use of local color support a narrative driven as effectively by characters as by events." --Publishers Weekly

"Keller faces a soul-crushing catch-22: he must unleash his propensity for violence to protect his loved ones, but by doing so, he alienates himself from those he seeks to save. Rhoades explores this psychological conundrum thoroughly but never at the expense of the full-throttle narrative. Think of Keller as a similarly tortured, contemporary version of William Munny in Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven." --Booklist

Bounty hunter Jack Keller faces his most dangerous and sadistic enemy yet in this explosive Southern thriller

Jack Keller works in fugitive apprehension, and never feels more alive than when he's hunting down a skip. But when a young girl goes missing, and Keller finds out that the father is an AWOL member of the army's elite Delta Force, he knows immediately that this case will be anything but fun and games.

Keller is a Gulf War vet who knows his way around the Army's red tape, but the psychological scars from his experiences in the gulf have only just started to recede enough for him to live and love again. No one is sure how taking on the kidnapping case will affect him, least of all his girlfriend Marie, who's counting on Jack's recovery if they are going to have any future together. But a young girl's life hangs in the balance, and a shadowy group of missing Delta commandos seems to be the key to finding her. For Jack Keller, it's not an easy decision, but it's the only one he can make: consequences be damned, he's going after the girl.