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Dominick Prince is back.
Probably against his better judgment.
Available now in paperback and ebook.

"Readers must abandon expectations for a conventional crime novel and enjoy, if they can, the way one absurd situation flows into another. Eventually, we get a glimpse of the novel (Dominick will) write, and if we’re never sure it’s a novel we would want to read, we can’t quite stop ourselves from
reading about it."

"An over-the-top premise drives Quertermous’s offbeat second novel featuring medical administrative assistant Dominick Prince...Fans of gonzo noir will find a lot to like."
Publishers Weekly

"RIOT LOAD will no doubt grab readers with its sticky premise. But the book – and its author – show surprising depth and emotion."
CrimeSpree Magazine

Dominick Prince went through hell to make his dreams come true. He finally has a book deal, time and money to write whatever he wants, and a marriage to his college crush with a child on the way. But instead of working on his next book, Dominick spends his days as a mindless office drone at the university cancer center while his wife chases bail jumpers. When an old friend reappears to call in a favor, Dominick sees an opportunity for a little excitement.

The plan seems simple enough. Dominick will use his access at the hospital to help his friend steal the last remaining piece of her murdered lover: a sperm sample left during prostate cancer treatment. Standing in their way are a pair of brothers who find kidnapping potential children far superior to kidnapping actual children, and Dominick’s wife who has her own plans for the sample. Torn between his wife’s wrath and the debt he owes his friend, Dominick taps into the most devious parts of his crime fiction training to write himself a proper ending where he saves the day, saves the girl, and lives to write another day.