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Alex Flynn

Alex Flynn is the pseudonym for the writing team of Stuart Sherman and Elisabeth Donnelly. They met at a clandestine book club in Boston, where they broke into a fortified tower in order to discuss literature. They like garrulous Irish writers, Pushing Daisies, Axe Cop, and anything involving The Tick. Their secret lair is currently in a hollowed-out volcano in Brooklyn. In addition to co-writing The Misshapes, Donnelly is a cultural journalist who has written for the The New York Times Magazine, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Paris Review Daily, GQ and many others. She is currently an editor at Flavorwire. Sherman is a bioethicist, health policy analyst and a former contestant on the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Visit Alex Flynn at http://www.themisshapes.net or follow on Twitter at @The_Misshapes.

The Misshapes: The Coming Storm

"A strong debut...The book never loses its sense of wonder and excitement. Worthy of the comics it takes inspiration from." --Publishers Weekly

THE MISSHAPES: Annihilation Day

"Exciting plot twists and vivid imagery...A unique, thoughtful treatment of citizens’ role in society and the right of dissent." --Booklist